Friday, April 8, 2011

Insert Link - File

You can insert links into a flipchart so that you can go directly to different files, including PowerPoint and Word documents, mp3 audio files, and videos, without manually opening another program. This helps to keep the continuity in your lessons.

Click here to see how to Insert link to Website.

To insert a link to a file
1. Go to any 'Insert' menu, click on 'Link' and then on 'File'. (Shortcut key = Ctrl+L)
(Click photos for larger views.)

2.  Locate the file on your computer that you would like to insert.  Highlight the file and click 'Open'. 
3.  In the window that opens, you will have several options as to how the link to file will appear in the flipchart:
Click image for larger view and option descriptions.
Enter the options you prefer and Click 'OK.'  You can now click on the link in the flipchart and the file you selected will open!

To Add link to 'Existing Object'
Note: You must first insert an object into the flipchart to which you want to attach the link. 
1. In the 'Add link as' section of the 'Insert File' window, Select 'Existing Object'.
2. In the new window, highlight the object to which you want to attach the link.
3. Click 'OK'.
4. The object name will be inserted into the text box.
5. Complete the other parameters, and click 'OK'.

Click image for larger view and directions
'Store as' Recommendation: 
So that your link to file is always available when you share your flipchart or use your flipchart on a different computer, select 'Store file in flipchart' or 'Store file + directory in flipchart'.  I never 'Store file externally' because the file linked will not be saved with the flipchart.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shape Tool - Adding Shapes in ActivInspire

Shapes, when filled with a color or as an outline only, can be used to create emphasis in a lesson.  Filled shapes can be used to cover answers and unfilled shapes can be used to highlight important information.

Shape Tool on the Toolbar

To create shapes (Click on image for larger view.)
     Step 1 - Select the Shape Tool (as shown above)
     Step 2 - Select the desired shape
     Step 3 - Select the fill color (the color of the inside of the shape.) If you only want an outline of a shape, select the X.
     Step 4 - Select the outline color
     Step 5 - Select the outine size

When you have selected all of the properties for your shape, draw the shape onto a page. To draw a shape, click and hold the mouse.  When you are happy with the shape, let go of the mouse click.  Practice adding a variety of shapes, filled and outline only.

Text Tool - Typing in ActivInspire

Text is often the basic element in a lesson.  But, by using the capabilities of ActivInspire, the text does not have to be boring.  After you learn to enter text into a page, you can manipulate it in a variety of ways.  Each text box can be easily moved around the page or highlighted using the paint bucket.  Also, you can attach actions to text to make note-taking and textbook exercises more engaging!

Text Tool from the toolbar
Typing text
Text is added to a Text Box.  Each text box can be moved and manipulated as an object.  I've found that it is best to use multiple text boxes within a page so that I can rearrange and change each piece of text to add variety and interest to a lesson.  Practice adding several text boxes to a page.  Just click in a new area in a page to add additional text boxes.

Changing Font and Text Size
The Text Tool bar, (shown below) allows you to change the text just as you would in other programs.   Highlight the text to be changed and use the tool bar to select a new font, a larger size, bold, italic or underline.

Moving Text Boxes 
When you have completed typing in text, use the Select Tool (shown below) to move the text boxes around the page.

Getting Started With ActivInspire

Getting started with ActivInspire can be overwhelming.  There are a few steps you can take to become more comfortable with the basics.  Soon, you will be creating interactive flipcharts to engage students in any classroom!

1.  Set up your Profile and Tool Bar
The first step to start using ActivInspire is to set up your Profile and Toolbar.  By setting these up, you will have the tools you use most when creating flipcharts readily available.  This can be updated and changed as you learn which tools you use most.

Click here to see Tool Descriptions and Uses.

2.  After you set up your Profile and Select tools for your toolbar, start adding elements to a page.

Add Text
Add Shapes
Add Pictures from the web using the Camera Tool
Add Website Links

ActivInspire Tools with Descriptions

Below is a brief overview of the some of the Tools and Commands available in ActivInspire.  (Click on images for larger views.)

Basic Tools with Descriptions (Click to enlarge)

Math Tools

Keyboard, Calculator, and Clock

Dice and TickerTape

To make things 'Magically' appear and disappear (Click here to learn to use Magic Ink)

To reset page to last saved version

To record and control sounds

ActivVote Tools

To use two pens at a time

To Insert Blank Pages into a Flipchart

To clear a page

To move objects between layers 

 To move objects within a layer

To Align objects on a Flipchart Page

To reveal only a part of the screen when presenting

Menu Icons

To use ActivInspire Tools over the Desktop

Monday, November 8, 2010

Resource Packs - Downloading and Importing

You can download lots of great and helpful resources for use with ActivInspire from To download resources for free, you will need to register and login on the website.

From this website, you can download Resource Packs, which are collections of images and objects grouped by theme.  It is a 2-step process be able to use Resource Packs: First, you download the Resource Pack from the website.  Then, you import it into ActivInpsire for use.

Below are instructions for Registering on Promethean Planet, Downloading a Resource Pack, Importing a Resource Pack and Locating and Using a Resource Pack.  (Click on images for larger views.)

To Register on Promethean Planet:
Go to  If you do not have a login, register using the Register tab at the top of the screen.  Fill in the required information and Click "Register Now".

To Download a Resource Pack:
1. Sign in on in order to download resources for free.  
2. Hover over the "Resources" Tab at the top of the webpage.  When you hover over "Resources", it will show you the search options.  Select "Resource Packs". 

3.  Input search topic and filters to find exactly what you are looking for.

4.  I searched for "France".  Once you find a Resource Pack that you are interested in, click on the name.  I selected "France Backgrounds".


5.  You can review the Resource Pack on the left.  Once you decide you want it, click "Download".  It will prompt you to save the Resource Pack on your computer.  Save it somewhere you will be able to easily locate it later.  For example, I created a folder on my desktop named "Resource Packs" where I save all resource packs that I download.

6. You are now done using the website.  But, to be able to use the elements inside the Resource Pack, you must next import the Resource Pack into ActivInspire.

To Import Resource Pack into ActivInspire
1.  Open ActivInspire.  Go to any File Menu.  Select "Import".  Select "Resource Pack to My Resources". 

2.  Locate the Resource Pack that you previously downloaded from the Promethean website.  Highlight the Resource Pack to Open.  Click "Open"..

3.  You have now imported the Resource Pack.  Now you need to be able to find and use it! 

To Locate and Use Resource Packs imported into My Resources
1.  Go to Resource Browser. (Where is the Resource Browser?)
2.  Select "My Resources" (the silhouette of one person)
3.  Scroll down to find "Resource Packs"
4.  click on (+) to expand "Resource Packs"
5.  Click on Resource Pack you downloaded.
6.  View the images and select what you will use! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Video Tutorial - Hidden Text

Click Play below to watch a video on adding the Hidden Action to a flipchart page.
Or, Click here to open a larger view of the video in a new window.

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