Sunday, December 12, 2010

ActivInspire Tools with Descriptions

Below is a brief overview of the some of the Tools and Commands available in ActivInspire.  (Click on images for larger views.)

Basic Tools with Descriptions (Click to enlarge)

Math Tools

Keyboard, Calculator, and Clock

Dice and TickerTape

To make things 'Magically' appear and disappear (Click here to learn to use Magic Ink)

To reset page to last saved version

To record and control sounds

ActivVote Tools

To use two pens at a time

To Insert Blank Pages into a Flipchart

To clear a page

To move objects between layers 

 To move objects within a layer

To Align objects on a Flipchart Page

To reveal only a part of the screen when presenting

Menu Icons

To use ActivInspire Tools over the Desktop

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