Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shape Tool - Adding Shapes in ActivInspire

Shapes, when filled with a color or as an outline only, can be used to create emphasis in a lesson.  Filled shapes can be used to cover answers and unfilled shapes can be used to highlight important information.

Shape Tool on the Toolbar

To create shapes (Click on image for larger view.)
     Step 1 - Select the Shape Tool (as shown above)
     Step 2 - Select the desired shape
     Step 3 - Select the fill color (the color of the inside of the shape.) If you only want an outline of a shape, select the X.
     Step 4 - Select the outline color
     Step 5 - Select the outine size

When you have selected all of the properties for your shape, draw the shape onto a page. To draw a shape, click and hold the mouse.  When you are happy with the shape, let go of the mouse click.  Practice adding a variety of shapes, filled and outline only.

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