Saturday, September 25, 2010

ActivInspire Browser Overview

Browsers are an important component to ActivInspire.  I have briefly defined each and its function below.

To see the browser window, go to any "View" menu and click "Browsers".  (Ctrl+B is the shortcut)

Page Browser:  Use to see all your pages in a flipchart.  You can copy and paste entire pages from here.  (more info on Page Browser)

Resource Browser:  Use to add images and other resources to pages in your flipcharts. (more info on Resource Browser)

Object Browser:  Use to move objects from one layer to another. (Top, Middle, Bottom & Background) (more info on Object Browser)

Notes Browser:  Use to include teaching notes to remember how to use each page in a flipchart.  (more info on Notes Browser)

Property Browser:  Use to change the individual properties of objects on a page. (more info on Property Browser)

Action Browser:  Use to add actions to individual objects on a page.  (more info on Action Browser)

Voting Browser:  Use to register and use ActiVotes and other tools, such as the ActivSlate. (more info on Voting Browser)

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