Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Insert Link - Website

You can insert links into a flipchart so that you can go directly to different documents, mp3 files, video files or websites without opening another program. This helps to keep the continuity in your lessons.

Click here for how to Insert link to file.

To insert a website
Go to any 'Insert' menu, click on 'Link' and then on 'Website'.
(Click photos for larger views.)

Type in website and add the link to the page. You have 4 options.
1. You can add the link as text.
2. You can add the link as a default image.
3. You can add the link as a default action image.
4. Or, my favorite, you can attach the website link to an existing object. This lets you really customize the look of your flipcharts.

To attach a website to an existing object in your flipchart
This allows you to click an image and have a website magically open!

1. First, insert an image into the page that you would like to click for the website to open.
2. Then, go to any 'Insert' Menu, click 'Link', then 'Website'

3. Type in the website address.
4. Under 'Add link as' select 'Existing object', then click the (...) (#3 below)

5. Select the object you want to click from the menu and click 'OK'.

6. The object name will be inserted into the blank.
7. Click 'OK' to complete.

When you are in the flipchart page, your cursor will display a blue play button when you hover over the object to which you added the website link. Click the object and the website will open!

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